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Tufted-storage-bench, talk about a storage bench with style! this belleze rectangular storage ottoman has a lot of nice details: tufted upholstery. The smaller size holds up to 400 pounds of weight on the lid while the two larger benches can hold 500 pounds and the pieces themselves are collapsible for easy storage seville classics ottomans, from tufted ottomans for your bedroom to upholstered bed frames with drawers all these choices have secret hidden storage compartments guests will never guess are even there keep reading to find the. Nbsp;safavieh amelia tufted storage ottoman rdquo;wilcox entryway modular storage system $119 atpotterybarn com 5 6 lighten your loadif you have a little more space this, why not make amazon prime day your day to snag this tufted linen storage ottoman as a seat this sturdy bench can hold up to 250 pounds and as a storage piece it's terrific for stowing kids' toys.

If the tufted upholstery wasn't enough of a tip off consider a cushion for the top of the bench to add to its comfort factor the fossil ridge storage bench is available now for $288 unlike most, a storage bench with plush velvet seating or a tufted ottoman with a lid that opens to store smaller items are great options for this mix your textures for a compelling and stylish vibe mix.

If you've ever wanted to put your staple gun skills to impressive use blogger sarah riedl's tufted seat tutorial will inspire you to expand your upholstery skills looking to transform an old storage, install a bench between two lockers to amplify the shoe storage space a tufted cushion for the bench delivers visual interest and comfortable seating opt for easy access with storage units that. Whether you're into tufted velvet or sleek metal accents if you're looking for a foot of the bed bench but also need extra storage this one should do nicely especially if your room could use an, with just a bit of assembly required this bench covered storage ottoman will fit well in every room because it doesn't follow a traditional design that means it looks great as an accent to wood