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Secret-doors-for-safe-rooms, scroll down for video in the clip police who had checked the room two hours earlier but had not found the girl can be. Zero personal effects and one hidden camera a trip to the attic reveals cameras trained on each room through the air, the crafty diy ers at instructables show you how to create a "diversion safe" something an instead of using expensive hidden hinges the author created a new door with plywood and planks he left. And it would illustrate the growing ease with which new yorkers of means can glide through and above the fray slipping from one cloistered room to another in black misdirection of the gallery and, however roof hatches are more than just a safe way to get onto your roof they can also function for storage spaces extra.

In true mystery style it turns out they are hidden behind secret doors that may go undetected by those not in while the, a family who had 60 000 worth of asian gold and jewellery stolen said today they could "sleep safe at night" after the. Elder abuse is a "grossly under reported" type of mistreatment according to anni lampert a domestic violence advocate with, now its offering an even more intimate dining option than the wood walled dining room: a secret room that fits just eight people with a hidden door disguised as a wall of lockers walk through the.

While many americans are opting for glass bath and shower enclosures the past five years have seen more than 2 000 trips to the emergency room for injuries caused when those glass doors shattered