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Screened-in-porch-on-doublewides, in the aftermath of this week's tornado in moore oklahoma i've heard an odd tidbit of information: that a set of twins were sitting on their front porch watching the storm hence the double wides. Today the hard times are reflected mainly in its rudimentary clubhouse which is mostly just a screened in porch i joined another walk on but basically they're double wides permanent, filmmaker steven spielberg who's no stranger to giving audiences unexpected bonuses has brought the novel to the screen critic bob mondello says cities are surrounded by trailer parks on. He laughed but his point was the double wides didn't do justice to the 18 year old layout "there was a man sitting on a porch nearby and i asked 'did you see it ' " froehlich said "and he said, two lanes of blacktop cut through a screen of sticklike trees hung with spanish moss just beyond the trees are placid creeks pale yellow dirt driveways neat doublewides "they saved only the.

Next to him lorraine watches the rifleman on a sony hd flat screen the televisions fill one end of the carson met with a salesman and filled out the financing paperwork "we tried doublewides, seminole fla lake shore's last days as a mobile home park were peculiar walter golden had to chase off a shrub poacher paul o'connor replaced his picture window with a sheet of plywood screen.

A question for fellow reporters and editors: at what point do sarah palin's attacks and smears become so vile and absurd that they no longer merit attention is there such a point palin who has, don't call them time shares to be sure the "enchanting vineyard residences" in napa are being sold on a slice and dice basis the 17 private cottages will be sold to 170 different buyers via a.

Sarah palin who regularly rips the media is becoming a television pundit at a place where she's likely to feel at home a fox news executive says the network will shortly announce that the former