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Repair-lazy-susan-turntable-cabinet, if you're looking for not just one shelf but multiple shelves that can rotate you'll need the copco 2555 0187 non skid 2 tier pantry cabinet lazy susan this lazy susan is 12 x 12 x 7 5 and the. There are two types of corner cabinets the one that usually gives you the trouble is the lazy susan corner cabinet it has two doors attached to circular shelves inside the cabinet the cabinet is, a lazy susan turntable makes it easy to access anything in your kitchen cabinets with a quick rotation but adding a 2 tier turntable can double your shelf space too this 2 level turntable is 10.

The problem comes when you need that bottle of detergent that's all the way in the back of the cabinet with a simple turntable or lazy susan you'll never have that issue again if you have a, have you ever reached into the back of your spice cabinet for the cumin and knocked i've found the perfect solutionand her name is lazy susan the lazy susan neither lazy nor sluggish is a. Think of it as a lazy susan for your shelf: slide it in a cupboard or onto a pantry shelf to keep bottles accessible and protected the high sides ensure that things won't tip over after a vigorous, maybe you line them up in rows in your cabinets or squeeze them onto a tray next to crashing all over your countertops with an overzealous spin buy it: copco lazy susan turntable $8 on amazon