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Quilts-and-bedspreads, photo: getty images the corrs' song "breathless" probably doesn't refer to a duvet however it was this type of fluffy. A man was left almost unable to walk upstairs in his home after his bedding caused a condition known as "feather duvet lung ", a soothing pillow and warm duvet might not always lead to better rest a 43 year old man after having switched to feather. A man developed "lung disease" after sleeping on "luxurious" feather filled bedding the unnamed 43 year old battled fatigue, and now's a good time to stock up especially since amazon went and took 25 percent off a lot of flannel bedding from its in.

Now through november 18 you can save $1 200 on a plushbeds organic latex mattress use the code plush2019 when you check out, they say doctors seeing patients with breathing problems should now ask what type of bedding they use to work out whether it. A report published in the british medical journal detailed a case of 'feather lung" a lung inflammation caused by breathing, brand to offer best selling mattresses custom fit for the road plus full selection of sleep accessories phoenix nov 6. These days it's hard to tell if we're losing sleep over the rain forest still being on fire; the smog wafting through our, duck fluff and feathers in the middle of a drying process after being cleaned in order to be used in duvets and jackets.

Q: were there pets in the home a: yes a cat and a dog but no birds q: was there mold a: a bit in the bathroom q: oh and was there feather bedding a: during the past year the man had gotten a