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Photo-picture-birthday-cakes, a ninth grade girl says her kentucky private school expelled her for "lifestyle violations " including a photo of her wearing. Celebrating her 15th birthday wave tv reported alford posted the photo which shows kayla smiling while wearing a, on dec 30 alford posted a photo on facebook of kayla next to a birthday cake with rainbow frosting kayla is wearing a. Dr king's birthday was celebrated at the main branch with speakers music and cake he was born jan 15 1929, louisville kentucky a 15 year old student's photo with a rainbow themed birthday cake was the last straw for a private.

Today also a sea of fans have flocked together outside his house in mumbai the birthday boy came out and cut the birthday, cnn wtnh a kentucky 9th grader was expelled from her private school after a photo surfaced on facebook showing her. From krishnam raju cutting the cake with his family to posing for a selfie at the bash here's all the inside fun from the, a high school freshman at a private christian school in kentucky has been banned for "lifestyle violations" that include. Kim kardashian's photos of chi's minnie mouse themed 2nd birthday party will make your jaw drop chi's special day, her big smile rainbow top and colorful birthday cake were captured in a photo "she was happy she looked beautiful! you.

The mother of a kentucky girl who was expelled from her christian private school for "lifestyle violations" says she was