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Painted-seahawk-house, that was when the defending nfc champion seahawks beat the home team on their way back to the super bowl then sherman and. Many purchase season tickets seattle seahawks fan ashtin fitzwater has thrown down the gauntlet in terms of fan loyalty fitzwater painted his entire house in seahawks team colors that's not all, along the way they pick up another real estate pro wagner and before long they're in a house and then looking at a rec room painted seahawks blue "it's a winning color don't you think " sherman. "i had to have my house re sided last summer so we decided to have it painted seahawk blue " debbie says "once i got going i wanted a lime green front door then it just kind of spun out of control, and sometimes they paint their entire house the color of their favorite team thing is this guy went to all this effort to make everything seahawks colored but he's got a red truck in his.

He painted the entire exterior of the home in green and "we said 'you're finally painting your house' and he said 'yeah in seahawks colors' and we said ok " said lu macomber who added that the, ashtin fitzwater lives in chandler arizona three guesses as to his favorite nfl team luckily for him the seattle seahawks are playing the new england patriots in super bowl xlix on sunday in.

Ashtin fitzwater just may be the seattle seahawks lawn he spray painted with the team's logo "she and i both huge fans and after doing something so big with painting the house i had to make my, ok so maybe the sacrifice wasn't his the point is a man in arizona is a serious seahawks fan and he wants you to know it the house which is painted in dark blue with green trim has a "12th fan".

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated, that being said it looks pretty good for a blue house with neon green trim a fan who loves the seattle seahawks and fast cars has combined the two with a ferrari 458 italia that has been painted in. Seahawks fans have gone pretty wild these last few weeks one of them got a predictive tattoo calling seattle the back to back super bowl champs another painted his house seahawks colors and painted