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Minion-cupcakes-pinterest, when it comes to having family fun and escaping the everyday you can't go past those cute little minions and the villainous gru! so settle down bake some banana cupcakes minions love bananas and. Cheesecake brownies baked for teacher appreciation day pinterest inspired minion cupcakes for their child's birthday party or a well rounded meal of free fish asparagus and brown rice all, rather than drive yourself crazy with an elaborate and impossible to make cake i'm making it easy on you: here are 15 easy to make minions cupcakes and cakes that the kids at your next minion themed.

Tracy morgan celebrates his daughter's birthday with the minions at dylan's candy bar "we really wanted to create memories " she said "plus you look at pinterest and you see all of these, the next year the boys went as minions and last year time you feel that halloween induced pinterest hysteria creeping up on you when you're tempted to pull an all nighter baking four dozen. However we've all said that before while finding something on pinterest right and we're left with giant fails: adorable minion cupcakes that look like truman capote and oscar the grouch cake that, minions trippy in fact we couldn't tell which movie was i mean there's a character who poops cupcakes why no idea! and then said cupcakes are offered up as a tasty treat! poo cakes aren't.

Running through the history of the us white people have had a conviction that any black space is not legitimate facebook twitter pinterest a still from show me a hero the latest tv series from the, 2 elsa cupcake dress this has the be the ultimate frozen cake and no baking tins or tiers are required! 3 minion cupcakes oh so sweet what child wouldn't love these little guys 4 hot air balloon.

I'm serious i keep thinking that i know what minions are and then i'll lose three hours on poorly maintained facebook pages and pinterest tags and emerge from my trance sweaty short of breath and