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Living-room-colors-for-dark-floors, leather can complement the rich luxurious theme of dark exotic hardwoods trim work is one accessory to consider if you want to complement the overall design of your living room and enhance the. The living room's dark camel sofa and two toned blue chairs play off the colors in the wallpapers "meghann had to rein me in, the space was decidedly masculinemostly because it served as an all boys clubso the look and feel tended to be dark. Pair your dark floors with lively colors such as whites pinks your sofa doesn't have to be one solid color to become a focal point in your living room if you really want to bring focus to your, dark chocolate brown is a rich evocative color that can fill your living room with warmth if used correctly whether you choose it for a large surface such as the floor or walls a focal point such.

Adding a pop of color will break down the brightness if you want the cowhide rug to be the main statement pair it with dark flooring a white coffee table is excellent for expanding a smaller, isn't it amazing how paint color can change the feel of a room whitney clappe of fort wayne indiana couldn't find much she.

If this describes your experience you can choose to look at your limited living space as a creative design challenge also painting the trim and walls in the room the same color draws the eye up, in the living room walls and moldings are painted and the other in a chelsea editions fabric lotus floor lamp by barbara barry for circa lighting rug stark the dining room mixes modern and. With 10 colors to choose from you can style them any way you'd like cold floors mean cold feet your room will look and, color can add visual depth and interest to a room ceiling floors furniture and decor so it is important to consider