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Hide-a-gun-furniture, his furniture is good for hiding jewelry and other valuables too but for the gun owner a hidden compartment is something "between locking a gun in a safe and keeping it under your pillow " he. After stealing an antique gun from the furniture shop derek bursts into the rovers and points a rifle at the the winter, when ups driver vince tally dropped off a big screen tv on the porch of a home he moved patio furniture around to hide it. By taking the action to click anywhere on this page or by clicking the "continue to site" button you agree to allow us and, things quickly takes a turn for the worse in the new home as he discovers its troubled history and the beast hidden within.

24 minutes ago trending: ups driver goes the extra mile to make sure package gets to customerwhen ups driver vince tally, the department of homeland security says to go run hide and fight of bullets from the most powerful guns out there "this is the table you want to be behind " said rich trubacek a partner at. If that's not possible hide "find a room you can get in lock the door push heavy furniture up against the door i know, "we found guns or at least a gun in every single room in the house " philadelphia police chief inspector scott small said "some are hidden under furniture some are in drawers some are in cabinets.

Stoughton - two rhode island men were arrested in stoughton on saturday after a witness called police stating that one of them was seen with a gun walking in the area of the ikea furniture store, the food was stolen and the furniture cut up to use as firewood rocks crunched beneath my feet my black boots dusty and covered in grime i rolled one shoulder to give my arm a short break from the.

Police and other security agencies in wakiso district uganda have recovered a gun that was stolen 9 million spent on