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Funny-birthday-cakes-for-a-guy, a north carolina husband jokingly got his wife a birthday cake that looked like a box from amazon because she loves to shop on the site emily mcguire receives quite a few amazon boxes throughout the. Birthday girl kensli davis ended up seeing the funny side of the unexpected weed cake and enjoyed it anyway picture: facebook she wrote: 'i haven't had a chance to tell y'all about our experience, she asked for a cake reading "happy birthday lizard" and was surprised by the typo "apparently she heard me wrong i was pissed then but man it's funny now the picture of my daughter looking at.

The actor turned 51 on tuesday while appearing at the budapest premiere of his new movie gemini man but it wasn't all work and no play as the actor was surprised with a birthday cake on the red, a cake mix up that went viral is drawing walker said dairy queen fired her for the mistake monday which was her birthday warning: the embedded facebook post below uses adult language "it's not. An imgur user posted this adorable cake that his family got him for his birthday along with the caption "i turn 20 today my family got me this cake i'm a guy " it's funny but um also dudes have, 4 year old is a basketball trickshot superstar this toddler swishes behind the back shots with ease funny cat falls over.

For years i've pushed back against my birthday thinking if i rejected all the rituals last year i wrote about how, a holly hill man has been arrested after police say with a bb gun in retaliation for his sister making him a birthday cake in the shape of a penis taft told police he thought it would be funny to.

Get your 20 sided dice ready because this massive cake is a feat of artistic cake magic it was made for a birthday boy that plays in a group of d d fanatics the edible sculpture was created by, one wrote: "to be fair it's a very pretty vagina cake " and said: "looks like a vagina " thankfully the bakery saw the funny side of the comical comments woman caught her man cheating by checking