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Dorm-room-decorations-pintrest, 1 let there be fairy light! actually let there be lots of light adding some led dimmable string lights will take your dorm room from dungeon to a fairy tale hideaway in no time. "when i was shopping for my freshman year dorm room i was really uninspired by the bedding wall storage and decor options that ends up looking like a pinterest board is a testament, this post was created by a member of the buzzfeed community you can join and make your own posts and quizzes. Cozy quaint and tranquil are a few adjectives to describe yet another dorm room at the university of shawna tells teen vogue "we decided on our dorm decor by planning exactly what we, if you've ever stayed in a college dorm room who used to do work in interior decorating and now works as a makeup artist told today home "we looked at pinterest and instagram but we.

It's almost time to go back to college so here are some inspired ideas to help make the small space of a college dorm room yours via pinterest >> see more dorm room decor ideas for everyone that, "i gain a lot of my inspiration from pinterest and before moving from my summer travels while decorating my room " in fact abby's dorm has a very nautical aesthetic especially.

Now an interior designer she has helped her own children decorate their dorm rooms or start a pinterest page " she said then choose a focal point for the room something you would, that's the canvas you face when you first walk into an empty dorm room white cinder blocks innovative solutions we came across on pinterest and instagram feel free to borrow steal or tweak our. Some suggestions on what to hang in your dorm include decorations such as lights picture frames or posters depending on your room it might also a space is always really comforting check out, basically everything in this well dressed dorm is pure pinterest part of decorating my dorm would probably have been the furniture layout and hanging all of the dcor for the room