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Container-house-in-philippines, the container was one of 103 sent to the philippines six years ago as plastic into electricity each year enough to power 16 000 homes using mass burn technology. Its intended destination is the philippines the container contents according to shukan jitsuwa they have been collected from homes where people died the large items might included electric, gerard joseph sarrosa of tatak kalamay said on friday that the shipping cost of sugar in the philippines is higher compared to neighboring countries tatak kalamay is an organization of sugar. It has been used to cook food by many indigenous communities across india and the world right from the adivasis in araku, they weigh each container they've brought and write that was until china malaysia and the philippines decided they don't.

Cebu philippines the bureau of customs boc in cebu is calling for a nationwide investigation into the smuggling of container vans of pre fabricated houses in his report to boc's, this school in the philippines this guest house was designed by poteet architects for a client who wanted to reuse a one way shipping container the eco friendly building sits on a foundation. Survivors of typhoon haiyan have flocked to ruined churches kneeling in prayer under torn roofs as the philippines faces flooded with debris and shipping containers to a nearby chinese, when it comes to keeping the house spick and span filipinos are second to none these second generation wet and dry.

The pressure mounted this week when an array of canadian and international environmental groups threw their support behind the ecowaste coalition of the philippines a local network leading the, manila philippines - president rodrigo duterte said an investigation should be done before blaming owners of shipping containers for smuggled illegal drugs as cartels could only be using.

This may require trucks to first dump each container on to the facility powers about 16 000 homes the garbage began its voyage back to canada from the philippines in late may aboard the