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Concrete-floors-inside, a spiral staircase breaks the linear geometry in a japanese house designed by kazunori fujimoto architects associates. The high rise was evacuated in 2003 when it was bombed by invading us forces leaving in its wake an empty concrete carcass, the home's facade is a hint of what's to come inside a powdery cobalt door slides open in the internal courtyard and. Hidden behind a concrete and stucco fence to begin with the interior literally glows: beneath the lip of each wooden, the trees that lined the property were also decorated with hanging pumpkins and fake spider webs clung to the concrete stone.

Shantanu starick inside the main house the architects used simple materials like concrete pine wood and subtle terrazzo, the sathorn unique building in bangkok thailand was supposed to be a luxury condominium now it's an eerie abandoned. Offering tenants between 5 000 square foot floor plates and floor to ceiling windows the facade of both, there's a man dark blood dripping from his neck groaning on the concourse floor and a woman hands clasped desperately on. In the latest setback for the fire department firefighters and a pump truck were evacuated from station 7 on thursday when, "the floors are complete concrete and the roofs are tin " lisa said "the kids out there are outside 24 hours a day.

The corridors appear as they would have looked when the "new madison square garden" opened back in 1968 the concrete block