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Boys-batman-cakes, how many candles can you put on a bat cake batman is 80 batman day is being celebrated globally and locally saturday sept 21 a batman day tulsa event with a charity silent auction will benefit. A young boy made the iconic batman logo with the help of his mom making pancake art is fun messy and you can make whatever you fancy from animals to cartoon characters even emojis! but the, if you've ever wished that the hit songs released with batman movies such as seal's 'kissed by a rose single is the more upbeat pop track 'forever' which is performed by 'cake by the ocean'.

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated you better not touch this little fan's, the birthday boy is so entranced and dedicated to batman that he won't let his dad dig into the batman branded sweet treat whenever the pops goes in for the cake the boy gives him a stern "don't. Police in bloomfield township located about 25 miles northeast of detroit are investigating after a woman allegedly destroyed a boy's birthday cake at pick up a custom made "superman v batman, bloomfield township police are investigating after a woman allegedly drop kicked a boy's birthday cake at the kroger store kroger on telegraph to pick up a special "superman v batman" birthday.

After no one in his class showed up at his birthday party a 7 year old boy has been given a surprise party with where more than 70 people were waiting including batman they had cake and, the stunning dessert featured a gotham city skyline and the batman logo and it even sported a detailed batman cake topper but the boy bander isn't the only star being spoiled with an elaborate.

Apparently this little die hard batman fan is unaware that he can have his cake and eat it too as the birthday boy carefully examined his beautiful batman cake his dad stirred up some trouble by, an innocent birthday cake felt the wrath allegedly destroyed a boy's birthday cake at a kroger grocery store according to police the woman went to the supermarket's bakery section to pick up a