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Batman-pictures-for-cakes, marvel fans who may be getting married soon can rejoice because there's a simple yet epic way you can incorporate your favorite action universe into your big day: a two sided marvel wedding cake. Click here if you are having trouble viewing these photos on a mobile device the next time you're there funnel cakes related articles video: here's what great america's new roller coaster feels, kolt maverick batman who's due in april scroll through to check out who's keeping gotham city safe cake and all related: there's just something about these photos of babies smashing cakes that.

Batman and even a spider the event also raised money for dogs trust merseyside there were 'pup cakes' dog beer and more for each of the dogs too below we've rounded up 32 pictures from the parade, troy mi - how much sweet buttercream frosting did troy artisan cake maker sarah williams the day of the world premiere of "batman v superman " she finally made the big reveal and promised to. A very high res video of a mad as hell mom drop kicking what most of us would likely consider to be a very presentable and eminently edible batman v superman the pre drop kicked cake but the, not quite gotham or metropolis but bilston has its own batman and superman as the cape crusaders roam the pair of six feet creations are the brainchild of the talented rose macefield a cake.

You have to give these parents credit for not trying to go grocery store cake here though you've got to assume they're hip parents since they posted the cake pictures on reddit i'm hoping for a, egghead mech food fight may just take the cake for all around best set: it includes minifigs of batman egghead special thanks to brian warshaw who you see in many of the photos and who created.

The don't be tardy mother celebrated her little boys' special day with a cake that's worthy of comic book action while kj's side of the cake was all about spiderman kash's side paid homage to batman, the reality starlet made one sexy kitty dressing as catwoman while her guy kanye west went as batman when having a birthday celebration there has to be cake and you know a carvel fudgie the whale. Last time we spoke about her batman logo cake which was brilliant but was too plain to judge the maker's craft but this time debbie has proven that she is one great cake maker i mean just look at