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Bathroom-pocket-doors, the goat named 'big boy ' was found napping in the bathroom after it broke into the home by ramming through a sliding glass. A sliding glass door offers easy access to the expansive side yard patio and wonderful outdoor dining and gathering space, new sliding glass doors lead directly from the dining area to your large new rear deck creating additional entertaining. It's a surprisingly easy way to transform a kitchen or bathroom the same strategy works just as well on a larger scale, the master bedroom has a fireplace too the bathroom has famous banana leaf wallpaper a second bedroom with a chalkboard.

Whether you have a large bathroom or a cosy en suite a mirrored cabinet door can maximise your storage space browse our range of cabinets with single doors double doors or sliding mirror doors, in order to streamline the construction process the bathrooms were manufactured off site by sync bathroom pods these spacious hotel bathrooms hardware range also covers pool fencing commercial. The court heard how on the weekend of september 14 the woman who had been staying at his house in longridge had gone to the bathroom and put some rubbish in the bin when she went to sit on the, the goat named "big boy " who had escaped from a farm several miles away was found napping in the bathroom after it broke into the home by ramming through a sliding glass door jenn keathley via ap.

Cleveland an ohio homeowner never envisioned becoming semi famous because of a goat butting its way into her home and taking a nap in her bathroom "this is the most random story in the world ", a goat stands in the bathroom of a home in sullivan township ohio photo: jenn keathley ap the break in happened friday when an escaped male goat from a farm several miles away repeatedly butted.

Away repeatedly butted against a sliding glass door breaking into the keathley family home in ashland county's sullivan township keathley's 18 year old son logan discovered the billy goat in the