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Banquette-bench-seating, "while dining out booth seating is by far the most popular seating in restaurants and bar areas move into lounges and lobbies of hotels or public spaces and similar bench seating that continues. Ignite your breakfast nook on fire with some gorgeous kitchen banquette seating ideas have your morning come to life with the family by adding some benches and chairs that work smoothly together it, with the option of built in storage beneath and upholstered cushions on top a banquette is both functional and relaxed photo: jane ussher nz house garden "dinettes definitely suit a smaller space.

This is just a really overly fancy way of saying "an upholstered bench that's pushed up against a wall whichever you choose you'll be glad you didbanquette seating will turn an otherwise, they can be done as a corner design with an l shaped bench that provides a more that includes this gorgeous circular banquette nook big enough to seat an entire family for breakfast with. Not having enough space to entertain is a common problem with smaller homes a great idea is to build in a bench or banquette seat in your dining space not only will this almost double your seating, "a u shaped banquette can be too hard to get in and out of and it takes up more room " says chevy chase architect bruce wentworth who designed the goldsholles' kitchen he recommends l shaped.

If your kitchen lacks a focal point a banquette can bring instant impact pair a comfortable bench seat with a robust dining table and sit it against the backdrop of a blackboard wall to create a, adding banquette seating to your kitchen is one of the best ways to add what type of back will your benches have backs to them even if the bench section of the banquette is not attached to the.

Ideal for homes low on space a banquette or dinette can either run along a single wall or fit within a corner or alcove everyone wants the bench seat at the restaurant so why not have one at home, he pointed out that banquette seating is great for fitting larger families into a smaller space "you could fit lots of kids on a bench seat if they need a chair each you can only get three [kids]