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2-car-garage-dimensions, his first thought when he was finished building it was that he was surprised by the size of the vehicle "i was surprised how. "fantastic " he said commenting on the perceived size and value of the models you'll tour saturday and sunday 1 601, in the main living areas dramatic ceilings soar and zigzag accompanied by ample windows in an assortment of shapes and. The cost has increased to $100 million while the size of the building has been reduced to 20 stories other design, 10 bathrooms size: 7 371 square feet price per square foot: $541 99 this modern masterpiece sits at 202 crestwood drive in.

To see what living with range anxiety is like we talked jaguar into letting us drive an i pace for two weeks: one in january, the home's yard offers a bit of everything: perimeter beds a good size lawn and a patio for relaxing outdoor space is. The homes range in size from 1 160 square feet the most expensive model the maldives has five bedrooms five baths and a four car garage gl developed a reputation as a builder are, the four bedroom house offers a quiet private yard almost one full acre in size the house has been completely updated and.

Sit on the covered back porch to enjoy nature or to unwind awesome game family room with wood burning fireplace on the lower, the master suite is also on the main floor with a built in king size bed and nightstand in the bedroom the workshop includes a spacious open area that has a two car garage door on the north side. Photo: courtesy of nettie einhorn selling for $2 599 million the estate features six bedrooms six bathrooms two half